All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

Will Directory Submission effective in 2018?

Do directory submission sites still matter?

Yes, they do. Blog submission sites are still a better way to increase your blog’s exposure. And as I said above if you submit your blog or website on good domain authority blog directories, it can help you boost your link authority.

Will directory submission effective in 2018?
Yes, directory submission still effective but you should choose high DA & PA sites per better ranking, you should choose a proper category. never submit to spammy directories it will down your site's rank.

In recent years, Directory Submissions have taken on low priority,
directories are the large database, that holds a huge number of websites segregated based on their categories and sub-categories.Finally, Directory Submissions is not non-spammy technique when it’s done safely. So, start off with the submissions and gain some authentic and do follow links for your website.

Why still worry about directory submission ?
It is effective until it produces an efficient friendly portal in search terms. Consider using Other ways , now a days , i mean as per the digital world . The representation of each and every product .Following others footsteps will only lead you to be 2nd in this digital world.

What makes you 1st?
It’s uniqueness , For example: Consider us ,we are digital marketing startup, we don’t have a paid website,we don’t have much of followers in any social media but still we are trusted by most clients in doing their digital marketing work based on designing a strategy and executing a strategy.
That’s what i am recommending you,your uniqueness depends on your marketing strategy and in the way you execute it.
Once social media is now a days business portal , do you know how , it’s people minds ,they started selling through social media before even social media gateways knew how to add a Shop button in their timeline page. You can see how Facebook and twitter and even google is updated now a days to support online selling.
It’s uniqueness which makes others to follow your footsteps . So instead of just worry about finding a good registry , interact with people and digital minds to
A simple note ,free of cost advice : Interaction with customer and customer expectation is how the AI of search engine reacts , so understand the customer ,develop the strategy and AI will follow you . Simple thing AI only filters the results based on customer expectation.

Why Should You Submit Your site to Directory Submission Sites?

If you are still wondering why should you spend time on submitting your blogs on the top blog submission sites I’m going to discuss here, let me give you few reasons. Here are few amazing benefits of using blog submission sites.
  • Backlinks: Whether you know it or not, SEO is the key to building any profitable blog or online business. SEO is all about building quality links. You REALLY can’t rank higher in Google search results without building links. Blog submission sites help you build quality links for free.
  • Increase exposure: When you submit a blog on these top blog directories, it can give you more exposure and traffic. There are thousands of bloggers who use blog directories to find content online. So if you have an interested blog to read, it will bring you more traffic from these blog submission sites.
  • Increase DA: Domain authority is a metric given by Moz team. It is one of the crucial metric and the more DA a blog has the better search rankings it can get. Blog directories give you quality links and in turn you will get a good DA with quality backlinks.
And Someone Says,
No, I don’t think directory submission is as important as other factors. Other factors like proper content with uniqueness in it, use of high DA sites for outbound but make sure you are not doing outbound to competitor site that will not have ill effects but possibility that your products or services may get avoided and traffic may get diverted. Make sure your are using tools that will let you know the deep and details audit for your website you can visit SEO Company website to get free quote for your website.

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