All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

343+ Social Bookmarking Sites List November 2017 (With PA, DA Rank)

High DA Social Bookmarking Sites (With PA, DA and MOZ Rank): Creating back links on High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites is the best and fastest to promote your blog or website on the internet. Most of these social sites are Web 2.0 which help boost the search engine rankings. In this article, I have shared a list of 375+ best free High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites which will help you get a high rank for your blog on major search engines like Google.

What is social bookmarking?

So basically it’s not possible to put a sticky note are a piece of cardboard on a web page like we do in real life aunt where is tools which come with browser named as bookmarks but what is social bookmarking for giving it a simple name social bookmarking is tagging a webpage with a web based tool so you can access it later.

What is difference between normal bookmarking and social bookmarking?

Social book marketing is used for the site to keep it as a commonly used size as bookmarked so that people get them when the owner is out or is not using in the site. But if someone would bookmarked it then he would not get the beyond his own PC. So basically bookmarking means using a site like dick delicious and read it to keep a track of the sites that person visited and might want to visit again in future.

Now directly come to the topic social bookmarking.

It is a policy used in online media which is very important to uses is the social bookmarking.
So what does actually social bookmarking do? It allows you to mix your content with other content without spamming. You can link your server to do multiple other things with the help of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking helps in linking all your search shares tags to all device connection with the same social bookmarking account. Self made our life easy.
Social bookmarking eating will help in improve credibility of a website true or false?
Yes it will help you to improve the credibility of your website and provide a direct effect to your number of followers. This website’s have Designer on moderators whose work is to believe in sharing.
So now comes the point what are the advantage of social bookmarking sites.
  1. It measures the quality
  2. It helps in Deep indexing
  3. It helps in categorization
  4. It is one of the greatest techniques of Search Engine Optimization to publish news blogs and other Web or Internet services.
  5. It helps in indexing sites faster which means whenever a post is posted on a blog or website than the person bookmarks are there chances gets high 2 index in search engine.
  6. It is the good way to introduce yourself to others in the most interesting and relevant today and it helps and driving traffic to your site.
 Guide to Social Bookmarking for SEO
High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites are Web 2.0, which are very popular with the users and extremely easy to use. Submitting content on these sites to create backlinks is also quite easy.
You can use these steps as a guide for creating backlinks:
  • Identify and make a list of High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Register on these sites with your email address
  • Please don’t create multiple profiles on the same site to avoid being classified as a spammer
  • Complete your profile with image, blog address and a brief description
  • Remember to include your keywords in description
  • You can use SEMrush (you can start for free) to find best keywords for your blog
  • Creating a good profile with high-quality image is important
  • Submit your content including link to your website
Pro tip: Submit your best or most popular content with high-resolution images.
I would also like to mention here that backlink creation is often the most manual and time-consuming activity within the overall SEO effort. Hence I recommend using this robotic solution to completely automate the link building process so that you can focus on core activities like content creation and lead generation.
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