All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

Sept 2017 Social Bookmarking Sites List [Updated]

  It allows you to share them with the world and get recommendations about content that you might like based on what people with similar interests to yours have bookmarked. It gets people commenting and starting new conversations around topics which is all good and well but why should you as a marketer care about this? Isn’t this just another social media channel to pass the time on the internet?

So now you want to get started, but how do you go about it?

While spending time on the typical bookmarking sites can help you understand how they work, you need to dig deeper to get a sense of how they can befit your business. As with any social network you cannot just use it for self-promotion, you need to interact. You should start by following and liking others that are in the same industry, this will build up your network and get more people to notice your content (share others content and they share your content). Stumbleupon is a great place to start, just sign up with an email address and password (or with Facebook), select a few interests and you’re on your way.

Another way that is adopted by many agencies is to create content that is not related to their clients’ products but has the potential to become viral. I’m sure you’ve heard about link-baiting and there’s no better way to get links than great viral content promoted through social bookmarking sites.

Three points to note when sharing content:

  1. Use a great headline. Spend some time brainstorming about the perfect headline. No matter how great a piece of content is, without a great headline it will never make the home page.
  2. Leverage your network of friends. You can bookmark your own content, sure. But you won’t get anywhere with one vote only. Ask your friends—both your real friends and your contacts on these social bookmarking sites, to bookmark your content.
  3. Make it easy for people to bookmark your content. Use services such as, ShareThis and AddThis. 
    What is the use of social bookmarking in SEO?
                          The web pages we bookmarked at socialbookmarking sites is considered as a quality backlink in the eyes of search engines. And we all know that the quality backlinks helps us to increase blog traffic and Google Page Rank. That's why SEOprofessionals include SB in their search engine optimization practices.
    The positive effects of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs, and other websites are outstanding. Social bookmarking can introduce sites to others with relevant tastes and drive traffic and valuable backlinks to your site.
    Some social bookmark sites pass on link juice, while some use the NoFollow attribute. But do not let the use of NoFollow fool you, the search engines are looking beyond the incoming links from social bookmarking sites to gauge their value to their search indexes.
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    How can Social Bookmarking help with my web site promotion?
                        Being listed on a social bookmarking site can drive quality traffic: Websites like Digg and represent the opportunity to get a lot of new traffic to your website. In fact these sites offer best type of visitors: viral traffic. People who reach your site from a social bookmarking site are generally there because your Web site appeared in a search for topics they were interested in. Beware - some of the social bookmarking sites will mark links out to other sites as “nofollow”. This tells search engines not to follow the link, and so you won’t reap any benefit from additional links!
    Search engines will often list results from bookmarking sites. So if your site is bookmarked, this is an extra opportunity to show up in search results.
    Being featured on one bookmarking site can often lead to people tagging your site on other bookmarking sites. This may sound rather strange, but people who book mark may use more than one bookmarking site. If you are lucky they may find you through one site and bookmark you on another, which is a great opportunity for web site promotion.
    Increase traffic by adding social bookmarking buttons to your website. Adding social bookmark links to your blog or web site makes it easy for readers to save and share your content, and therefore for others to find it. 
    These sites also help you for other SEO activities like Classified submission, Article submission, Image sharing, Directory submission, PDF sharing, Blog submission, Business listing, PPT submission, Forum submission, Press Release submission and Question and answer.

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