All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites List Updated | July 2017

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Whenever you’re dealing with a large volume of information, human beings will develop strategies for organising and leveraging that information. This is no more clearly demonstrated than with the Internet: The volume of information on the web is daunting. Even assuming you’re only interested in 5% of it, there’s still more than any one person can read in their lives already in existence – with more being generated every day.
So, web pages are born that help us organise everything and process it – a sort of translation services of ideas out on the web. But then those web pages themselves become too populous. How can you even keep up with the directories and link collections that are supposed to help us manage the flow of content our there? Even if you narrow your interests down to one basic field – say, translation topics for me – it’s quite a task.
For some, the answer is ‘social bookmarking,’ an invention of the early Web 2.0 era that for a time seemed destined for greatness. While social bookmarking has faded a bit in the modern web, it’s still a useful tool for those of us struggling to keep up with everything the web has to offer.
The Concept
Social bookmarking as a term and practice was coined by the website (now simply The concept is very simple: Users would add bookmarks to the service, annotating the link with their comments. Other users could then add the link and also comment on it. Over time, the service came to be a directory of thousands of web sites – and more importantly, every comment left by users enriched the listing and made it more useful for others.
So, for example, with a glance I could see the most popular translation pages out there, see what other people were using them for and what they had to say about the experience. Before I even visited a single resource I had a good idea of what I would find there and a decent guide to getting the most out of it.
Other sites, like, took this a step further and added a blatant ranking system. Members could post links, and then the other members would ‘digg’ the link – or not. As a result, links were quickly vetted and reviewed and could sometimes explode into popularity simply by getting enough attention from the members of Digg. Today, Digg no longer has that kind of influence, however.
One reason for the decline in interest in social bookmarking is social media itself, which has taken on many of the functions of these early sites – yesterday’s Digg is today’s re-tweet, after all. Another reason is the same old story: As these social bookmarking sites grew, they became unwieldy – just like the web itself before them. Once you hit a certain size, choice paralysis sets in and your service more or less becomes useless.

Three points to note when sharing content:
  1. Use a great headline. Spend some time brainstorming about the perfect headline. No matter how great a piece of content is, without a great headline it will never make the home page.
  2. Leverage your network of friends. You can bookmark your own content, sure. But you won’t get anywhere with one vote only. Ask your friends—both your real friends and your contacts on these social bookmarking sites, to bookmark your content.
  3. Make it easy for people to bookmark your content. Use services such as, ShareThis and AddThis.
Social Bookmarking Sites List Updated | July 2017

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