All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

52+ Fresh Updated Directory Submission Sites List 2017

52+ Fresh Updated Directory Submission Sites List 2017
             A directory link is like any other link, only a little easier to come by. Like any other web site, there are good ones and there are bad ones, and if there's any SEO advantage to be gained, it will come from having your link in a category whose topic matches your own site topic. Rather than looking for a category that has PageRank or any other silly thing, submit your site to the most appropriate category.
You'll probably hear from some self-proclaimed SEO gurus that directories are a bad placement for your site, when the truth is that bad directories are a bad placement for your site. There are a lot of bad directories, as there are a lot of other bad web sites, so avoid them. One way to avoid them is to never fall for one of those offers to submit your site to thousands of top web directories. For one thing, there aren't thousands of top web directories; for another, those wouldn't be the ones they'd submit your site to, anyhow. Another way is the look through any directory that you're thinking of submitting your site to.

I have several reputable directories listed in my directory of directories and no, I'm not selling anything there. I don't even charge a submission fee, but I have visited every directory that is listed there, and have submitted my own sites to most of them, exceptions being a few that I couldn't afford and some others that were niche directories in another niche than my own. Some of the directories listed there are very good, while others are not as good, but I have tried to avoid any that I had reason to believe were a scam. I periodically review the directories there and remove those that are no longer working or that no longer meet my standards. I have listed some new directories that haven't had a chance to prove themselves yet, so do your own homework.

Before you submit your site, click around the directory. Standards will differ from one directory to another, even among those that have standards, but if you're seeing a lot of junk, don't choose that one. You will want directories that have published and enforce some reasonable submission standards. A directory that will automatically accept every submission, just as it has been submitted, is probably not one that you want your site in.

Depending on the topic of your site, niche directories can be particularly good. Otherwise (or at the same time), relevant categories in general directories will also be helpful.

I've written some general submission guidelines on this page, although you'll want to read the submission guidelines that are specific for whichever directories you'll be submitting to. I've also written a guideline for choosing the correct category, and on writing a site description. Additionally, I have reviewed most of the better general or topical directories. In these reviews, you can learn some of the things that I look for in a directory, although you might have some other things that are important to you.

To answer your question, yes, a directory listing is every bit as important as any other link that you might get. Additionally, you will receive traffic from some of the better directories. The amount of traffic that you get from them directly will be minuscule compared to the traffic you get from the search engines, particularly Google, but a well-organized directory will send you targeted traffic, which means that these are the people who are looking for what you've got, and are more likely to buy, to subscribe, or to do whatever it is that you want them to do, including looking through more of your site, and coming back.

I have sites whose back links are almost entirely from web directories, and they do just fine in the SERPs. Of course, these are sites whose topics relate to web directories, so Google may view that as being particularly relevant.
SL SiteName DA PA
1 45 38
2 43 43
3 45 43
4 36 41
5 43 43
6 37 39
7 41 42
8 40 38
9 37 37
10 36 38
11 41 44
12 36 39
13 36 41
14 38 39
15 36 35
16 36 40
17 37 38
18 35 40
19 36 38
20 39 34
21 36 46
22 35 45
23 35 46
24 34 44
25 39 47
26 37 45
27 35 46
28 35 46
29 35 45
30 34 45
31 34 45
32 35 46
33 41 51
34 43 52
35 35 46
36 35 46
37 35 45
38 36 46
39 36 46
40 38 46
41 43 52
42 34 45
43 35 46
44 37 46
45 42 51
46 35 46
47 37 47
48 35 45
49 35 46
50 35 45
51 36 46
52 42 52
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