All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

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Types of Directory Submission Use in SEO:-

Directory Submission is still an effective strategy to build back links. You need to be careful while selecting directories. If you can find high page rank directories related to your sites subject, it will be more powerful from an SEO perspective. 

There are basically 9 Type of submission but some of them can be modified a little.
 Manual Directory Submission
*  Paid Directory Submission
*  Free Directory Submission
*  Reciprocal Regular Web Directory Listing
*  Automatic Directory Submission
*  Manual Directory Submission
*  Niche Directory Submission
 No follow Directory submission 
 Do follow Directory submission

1. Manual Directory Submission: -

All the search engines including Google do not encourage or allow manipulative ranking efforts. If you make use of an automated directory submission tool, your website will be submitted to a massive list of random directories in a single click. 

2. Paid Directory Submission: -

In this type of Directories Submission the owner of Directories Site Will Charge for Submission and your link will approved hand to hand or within 24 hours you will get fast back links from this type of submission. Some sites offer this package for yearly or lifetime.

3. Free Directory Submission: -

It is free for Directory Submission no one charge for free or regular submission but there is no guarantee for getting approved your link by Administrator and it will take lots of time.

4. Reciprocal Regular Web Directory Listing: - 

In this a reciprocal link must be submit to your site when you activate Directory Link then Directory administrator will approve your link.

5. Automatic Directory Submission: - 

In this way of submission many software and tools are used to submit directories it will save time and with the help of automated huge amount of submission done in short time.

6. Manual Directory Submission: - 

It is done by manually and it will take lots of time to do directory submissions.

7. Niche Directory Submission: - 

Niche Directories include directories which list only RSS Feeds, Blogs, Scripts and Software’s, Web Hosting Companies, Web Designers, SEO Companies and other Online Businesses. Thus, every niche directory is dedicated to a specific subject, listed as a category under a general directory.

8. No follow Directory submission: - 

In the world of search engines, the no follow attribute usage is becoming controversial. In directory submissions, should you consider submitting your site to no follow directories? 

9. Do follow Directory submission: - 

You Know Today Every Blogger want to increase his/her blog rankings . But increase rankings in search engines is not easy job, So do follow directories pays good role to getting  SERP . ( Search Engine Result Page ). Do follow back links very helpful to getting high rankings. getting high amount of traffic is not easy every blogger want to became successful blogger but hard work is the of success.

The charges for performing directory submission for a website URL mainly depends on the number of directories it uses. When you submit links to directories it acts as the directions for the search engines. The more the frequency of links in your site, the more the internet visibility and rankings. As the ranking of your site increases, search engines visit your page more frequently considering it the most important, appropriate and relevant site.

Types of Directory Submission

Basically, there are three major types of directory submission which are:-

* Basic Directory Submission:-

This kind of directory submission enables you to use single URL, multiple titles and single description to be submitted in different directories. This is ideal if you target for specific keywords. 

* Normal Directory Submission:-

The normal form of directory submission allows you to use multiple descriptions along with single URL and multiple titles. This is useful if you want to naturalize the back-links generated.

* Multiple URL Directory Submission:-

It allows the users to use up to 10 internal URLs within same site along with multiple descriptions and multiple titles. This is highly suitable for spreading back-links to different pages of same site.

Benefits of Directory submission:- 

*  Increases back links of website
*  Helps in permanent listing in others website
*  Uses Anchor texts for hyperlinks to your website link popularity
*  Niche Directory Website list helps to get relevant back links
*  Guarantees in effective search engine indexing

so these Type of web directories submission in my mind, i hope these Types of Directory Submission are helpful for you, If you have any question then comment always. I always help for you.

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