All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

85+ Without Registration |Social Bookmarking| Sites List 2017

               Bookmarking refers to the practice of saving the address of a website on your computer for future re-visit. Social bookmarking refers to the use of tags e.g. comments, in saving the bookmarks to a public website. This helps internet users to be more organized providers storage as well as ease and fasten their search for online resources. Manual social bookmarking is seen when internet users send internet site links to others. These links can be limited only to a particular group of people, but, they are often visible to the public.
             Manual social bookmarking means getting registration from a bookmarking site and publishing your web links. It involves ; saving a link as a bookmark in the favorites folder or copying and pasting it elsewhere for future reference. This helps in managing and organizing the internet users search for favorite online resources. Manual social bookmarking helps in creating social bonds through the process of sharing what people find interesting and their views on e.g. sports, technology and politics. The network of users can see each others bookmarks and can follow the links to other website. They can also tag online resources and share them in their groups. This process, a.k.a. folksnonomy, is very important because it helps the SEO to build up many back-links. Manual social bookmarking often has the effect of providing the internet site with one way traffic and the rightful clientele to their website.
              Manual social bookmarking has a great impact both on social level and in the online business world. Sharing of links between individuals who have the same line of thought as well as sharing similar opinions and views leads to creation of communities of users. This rather social bookmarking also defines how these informal groups behave and function. In the business world, manual social bookmarking is a powerful tool of trade. Web site owners utilize the networks created by the manual social bookmarking to build their links as well as get in the SEO (search engine optimization). Manual social bookmarking is without doubt simple and very effective way of publicity gaining. It is also the most ideal way for relaying website information to almost search engines as well as the multitude of networking people. The more the ratings, views and positive comments and reception a internet site gets, the better the ratings in the search engines. This is very vital since it helps the online businesses in expanding their base as well as opening new avenues.

                Manual social bookmarking is done by people. Everyone usually thinks that they have the best opinion or judgment. This therefore makes the whole process and information obtained from manual social bookmarks subjective. It is also subject to poor use of tags. chances are, in the community of same thinkers, with same values, the views and opinions presented are bound to be skewed. Also, since information is shared in form of tags among peers, there is emerging trend in which one only needs to know how to get information from a tag. Compared to automated bookmarking, manual bookmarking is time consuming since it requires people to do the rankings. They are also costly due to the labor costs.

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