All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

1050+ New Article Submission Sites List 2017 | Article Submission Sites

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Advantages of Article Submission

Submitting articles is one of the best methods of search engine optimization. This helps in generating good quality traffic for your website and it also helps in creating back links for your website. Through articles, people who regularly surf the Internet will know more about your business and the value added services which you offer. The creation and submission of articles is beneficial for any kind of business whether it is online or offline. Even a florist who wants to make his business more popular and getting a higher ranking for his website can make use of articles. This will help in creating a lot of traffic in the direction of your website. Only after you have written articles about your website will you realise how much it helps in creating more traffic for your website. This is also a pocket friendly way of creating more back links for your site.

It is not only important to create good quality articles about your website but you should also make sure that these articles are submitted in the right places. This will ensure that the information regarding your website will reach the right target audience. People who own a website and who are not sure as to how a captivating and attractive article should be written can ask a professional to take care of this part of the publicity campaign. There are some very simple tips, which can be used to write your own article and submit it.
The web directories and other syndicates on the Internet should first give their approval for your article. The article should be completely original and of the best quality. Language, which is normally used in marketing promotions and sales pitches, should not be used. The article should be able to provide the right kind of information to the reader. There are many companies, which try to promote their business through such articles and they end up looking like some kind of advertisement. This will only give more room for your articles to be rejected by the web directories and other syndicates. The purpose of writing the article is to provide more information to the person who is reading the article. The article is being written for the purpose of value addition.
Effective article submission is about writing quality articles that are useful or interesting to readers, using some on your own website and getting some published on other related websites. Here are some of benefits for article submissions:

Improving organic search results: Submitting articles is one of main method for generating one-way back links to your site, which increase your page rank and link popularity. A high quality articles can be republished on multiple sites, so you automatically get thousands of links pointing back to your site which will increase your position in the organic search results and getting found for more keyword searches.

Increasing traffic: Article submission can help to increasing traffic from related sites. If you have an article with valuable content, many people will read it and even spread it. Therefore, you will be able to reach more people and this thing becomes viral in nature. Reaching more people means generating more traffic to your site.
Building incoming links: Most of article directories accept your article with link that pointing back to your site. They allow links in author resource box of article submission form. You can place up to 3 links in author resource box. One of main benefit is that you can include any kind of links such as your site home page link, deeper/inner page link, blog link, article link, etc in that box.
1050+ New Article Submission Sites List 2017 | Article Submission Sites

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