All types of SEO Submission Sites

All types of SEO Submission Sites

April 2017 Updated Directories| 80+ Free Directory Submission Sites List

              Two extremely popular and important Internet directories are DMOZ and Yahoo! Unlike Google, that is a search engine, directories organise links under various categories and sub-categories. Due to all the hype that search engines get most web masters fail to recognise the significance of submitting their links to Internet directories. Although very few people these days prefer to sift through the directory categories to find the links they want, search engines use these web directories as potent referral systems and there is a reason behind it.
           You have to — in most cases — manually submit your link to a directory. Once you have submitted the link, a human reviewer visits your link. So all your links are subjected to high level of scrutiny, which is not possible with software assisted submissions. When your link is approved and included in the directory, the search engines consider it as a validation and hence they attach more value to your presence in the directory rather than on some other website.
                  Another benefit of getting your link included in web directories is that your link is indexed by the search engines quickly. The search engine crawlers crawl the Internet to obtain information on the recently updated or created links, and they start the crawling with the web directories and first crawl all those links present in the directory. Besides, whenever new search engines are launched, they automatically go through the Internet directories to quickly index the already-validated links. This saves you tons of time in submitting your links to various search engines.

April 2017 new Directories
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